Ambulatory ECG Monitoring

What is it?

Ambulatory ECG monitoring provides a record of your heart’s electrical activity over a prolonged period. Some devices will be worn for only 24 hours, but longer monitoring of up to 7 days may be required. The technician may ask you to record only at specific times of the day depending on your symptoms if you have been fitted with an ‘’event’’monitor.

The monitor provides useful information to your doctor if you experience palpitations,but may also be used to monitor specific treatments your cardiologist has prescribed

Is it painful and what should I expect?

It is a non-invasive test and not painful at all. A technician will attach ECG electrodes unto your chest. Whilst wearing the monitor, you will need to keep a symptom diary and a record of your daily activities. This will help the cardiologist understand what you were doing during the times of any abnormal readings. After the end of the recording period (1-7 days), the electrodes are removed. The readings will be decoded and analysed by the technician, who will then send a report to your cardiologist.